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Financial Literacy Training

One of Thoughtful Plan’s main missions is to improve financial literacy across Buffalo. We aim to empower individuals regardless of their current income or level of assets; We all have to start somewhere. We utilize several different interactive delivery options to accomplish this.

  1. Group workshops
    1. We host group workshops at your organization or at our office at 1207 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY.
    2. Workshops for community organizations and nonprofit groups are delivered free of charge.
    3. Workshops for companies and their employees are charged to the business based on the scope of the training and number of sessions required to reach the desired outcome.
  2. Monthly Community Meetings
    1. Thoughtful Plan Inc. will begin conducting monthly community workshops at various locations throughout Western New York.  Event locations can be found on our community calendar. These meetings are open to current clients and residents of Western New York.
  3. Steps Toward Success
    1. Follow my blog "Steps To Success"  to see the type of content we cover in my group meetings. The blog posts are much shorter than the classes. Posts aim to give quick takeaways to help you find more information.

If you or your organization would like to discuss how you can improve the financial literacy and overall satisfaction of the people you represent, do not hesitate to reach out.